Information on New academic and theoretical contributions of doctoral dissertation


1. Basic information
Name of the Dotoral Dissertation: Further improvement of mechanism, policies on the management of Small, Medium and Small sized enterprises of Viet Nam
Major: Business Management
Full name of PhD Candidate: Tran Luu Trung
Scientific supervisors:
– First supervisor: Professor, Doctor Dinh Van Tien
– Second supervisor: Professor Associate, Doctor Nguyen Huy Thinh
Training Institution: Hanoi University of Business and Technology (HUBT)
2. New contributions of the Doctoral Dissertation
– The Dissertation has systematically contribute to further improve the new theory on mechanism and policies on management of Small, Medium-sized Enterprized (SMEs). Especially, the PhD Candidate has introduced the concept of innovative SMEs into, consolidated typical features, advanced strength and specific requirements of this pattern of innovative SMEs in the process of SME management in our country in response to the context of comprehensive integration and the rapid development of internet and information and communication technology (ICT).
– The Dissertation has examined, analyzed and evaluated the status-quo of mechanism, policies on SME management in Viet Nam. Through studying updated data and regulatory documents to the year 2017, the Candidate has pointed out appropriate, accurate and scientific-based mechanism and policies on SMEs management in Vietnam across various aspects, from advantages, disadvantages, achievements and failures, factors attributed to failures in the SME management mechanism and policies in Vietnam.
– The Dissertation has recommended the direction and the system of solutions to futher improve SME management mechanism and policies in Vietnam to the year 2035. Through examining the international context and national background, the factors that may influence the development of SMEs in Vietnam have been identified; goals and directions in buidling SME management mechanism and policies in Viet Nam have been identified. Consequently, specific solutions have been proposed to renovated SME management mechanism and policies in Vietnam from now up to the year 2035. The key spirit of the solutions is to shift from “control” to “manage”, going together with SMEs, forming a favorable management mechanism, nurturing and developing the tripartie-relationship of State – Enterprise – Associations of Enterprises, enhancing connection, improving specialization, especially in the fields of science and technology to promote the SMEs’ strength in the chain of value. Concurrently, in order to create favorable investment environment, it requires the comprehensive and synchronized cooperative mechanism of various policies in fields of finance, credit, capital mobilization and management, importation, exportation, land management, insurance, social welfare for the employees working in SMEs, and also training for SME leaders. Favorable policy in combination with strengthened linkages, specialization, ICT application and promoting entrepreneurial social responsibilities will help promote the sustainable development of SMEs of Viet Nam.
– Based on this, the the Dissertaion has developed feasible recommendations and petitions to the Government, ministries, sectors and organizations related to ensure the high performance of SMEs in the national economy up to 2035./.